motoröl 7.1 4t oil sport engine (sae 15w-50) 1l

Code: 7613474b

Für: sym jet 14 125 ie 4t lc euro 4 2018-> (xs1p52 mi-2)

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New synthetic lubricant, specific for the use in modern scooter and motorcycle 4 stroke engines with high performance. It offers an excellent thermal stability and stay-in-grade within a vast range of temperatures, with higher anti-rust and anti-wear features. Compatible with catalytic exhaust systems prolonging the life of the catalytic exhaust, higher gas mileage, and a reduction in emissions. A Multi-Grade oil that allows optimum engine performance and easier starts in every season.


motoröl 7.1 4t oil sport engine (sae 15w-50) 1l

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