Malossi's leadership in the production of special racing parts for scooters and motorcycles arises from three factors: experience over 70 years of unceasing production, a passion for motorcycles over three generations of the Malossi family, and one absolute over all others: quality and technology before everything.

Our company philosophy can be summed up in three words: always seek improvement. 
The company has managed to organize the complete production cycle in-house, from research and design to their mold construction and robotic manufacturing, as well as their own in-house testing department and chemical and metrology laboratories. 

The principal aim of Malossi is to achieve the highest product quality possible, a goal that can only be reached thanks to their excellent staff and technicians and their cutting-edge technologies and machines, as well as their very severe tests and above all a product which is completely made in Italy; last but not least, thanks to the active cooperation among staff, suppliers and customers as a whole .  

It is this corporate philosophy that allows the company to continue to look to the future with confidence and inspiration.

Now Malossi S.p.A. has created its online store in order to grant their customers easy and quick access to their updated, official catalog. 

Here as elsewhere, the Malossi name is synonymous with exclusively Italian parts and ongoing customer service, both before and after purchases have been completed.