Product Warranty

The consensus received from the customer is the most important stimulus for creativity and efficiency of a business.

Each product commercilisé by Malossi is thought, projected and manufactured in our walls with the precise aim of satisfying the expectations of the most demanding motorcyclists who intend to provide technical value to their vehicle.

The high technological level of production, stringent testing and inspections and ISO9001 certified quality control ensure a level of extremely low defect.

However, if one of our products was presented an abnormality or flaw though:

    It was mounted strictly following the assembly instructions,
    A proper break was carried out on a vehicle in good condition,
    were not associated with other products Malossi or origin.

and after consulting our website or you will find detailed technical information about your vehicle. If after that it is not enough, with your mechanic, you'll be expose us your problem in the retailer on the contact module.

If after one or more interviews with our technicians it is necessary to send the product with the problem so that a physical verification carried with us the procedure will be as follows:

The point of sale authorized Malossi that the piece was purchased will handle the return piece together the various documents indicating the date of purchase of the product, the type of product and the store or the purchase was made.

If the guarantee is recognized, it will just replaced the defective part. The latter being kept from us.

In case the guarantee is not recognized, the product will be returned to our point of sale.

We do not accepetons product returns not originating from one of our stores.

The warranty is not recognized on modified products.

The warranty is limited to the substitution of the portion retained by us defective. It does not cover any damage caused to the vehicle or to the people.

We disclaim all liability arising from improper use of our products.

All our products are intended for sporting use, created by multiple international trofées for private use and rental.

Like all products for competition purposes Malossi products must be considered differently compared to products intended for road use and can not go under the constraint of laws and traffic laws of the countries in which they are Played.

Malossi products belonging to the MHR competition line are exclusive products, made with the best materials and are designed for extreme competitions.

They are therefore excluded from any form of guarantee, unless it this is a rare case of a product having escaped the various controls, having originally actual production defect and not a break fatigue or seizure.