Does Malossi sell directly to the public through the Malossi Store?

Yes, sales are managed directly by the parent company. This is the reason the buyer is placed directly into contact with Malossi S.p.A. for both sales and pre/after-sales services.

Can I place an order on the website and pick it up directly from Malossi?

No, orders cannot be picked up from the company. If you place an order on the website, the order must necessarily be shipped.

I am a company, can I purchase from the Malossi Store?

The Malossi Store is reserved to private consumers only.

Can I request an invoice for an order placed with the Malossi Store?

Yes, before completing the order you will need to select the option “I would like to receive an invoice”.

How can I get your stickers?

The stickers are supplied free of charge inside the purchased products or during events and trade shows, alternatively they can be purchased on our website. Stickers are not shipped.

Are all the products displayed on your website available?

The availability of each product published online is indicated in the relative product data sheet. If the product is not in stock, you can send an email requesting to be notified as soon as it becomes available again.



What are the accepted payment methods?

Advance bank transfers, major credit cards and PayPal are currently accepted.

When is the order shipped if I pay by bank transfer?

If you pay by bank transfer, the product will only be shipped once payment has been received, which may take a few days.

If the payment is not received by the 10th calendar day after the order is placed, the request for purchase will be cancelled.

What are the shipping rates?

The current shipping rates are € 6 regardless of the destination. During certain periods, special promotions are activated which include free shipping.

When is the amount owing charged on my credit/debit card?

If you pay by credit or debit card, the amount owing will be immediately charged when the order is confirmed.

Your order can be totally or partially reversed in the event of problems.

How long does it take the shipment to arrive?

You can check the delivery times on the FedEx website by clicking here


How do I check the status of my order?

You can check the status of your order by logging in to the website with your login details, in the dedicated “Order Status” section (link)

How do I interpret the current status of my order?

The order status can be interpreted as follows:

● Not Completed - the order was not finalised correctly by completing all stages;

● Pending Payment - We are waiting for your payment before processing your order;

● Pending Payment Verification - We are waiting for the payment to show in our accounts.

● Payment Suspended - Your payment has been blocked, you will be informed of the reason via email;

● Paid - we have received the payment and are proceeding to process the order;

● Payment not made - your order was completed but not paid by the maximum indicated date, and therefore cannot be processed by us;

● Suspended (material in arrival) - We have reserved the material in stock and ordered the missing material which will be available on the date communicated to you via email, except in the case of problems;

● Invoiced - Your order has been invoiced and is awaiting immediate shipment;

● Shipped - the parcel has been handed over to the trusted courier for delivery;

● Delivered - the material has been delivered by the courier to the recipient.

● Cancelled - your order has been cancelled:

○ because, as agreed, this was the solution opted for;

○ because an error was generated in your order.


How can I return a product?

As established by the Consumer Code (Legislative Decree no. 206, 6th September 2005) and pursuant to art. 5 of Legislative Decree 185/99, if you are not happy with your purchase, you can exercise the right of withdrawal to receive a refund.

Said right can be exercised by simply filling in the specific form within the 14 days provided for by the law. The goods must nonetheless be returned within at most 30 (thirty) days from the date said goods were received. The products you wish to return must be sent intact and unaltered. All shipping and packaging costs to return the goods shall be borne by you.

Note: Malossi S.p.A. recommends insuring the shipment insofar as the return journey is under the Customer’s total responsibility.

The successful reimbursement of the returned goods may be compromised if Malossi S.p.A.:

- does not receive the goods,

- receives the goods NOT in perfect condition or damaged,

The cost of the products shall be refunded once Malossi S.p.A. has received the goods as quickly as possible, and in any case within 30 days from the request for replacement. Any refunds will be credited using the same payment method as that used to place the order.

Can I return a product?

If you discover that a product is defective or unsuitable for use, send it back to us. We will carry out an inspection, and if said defect is confirmed, we will send you a new one. Notification to Malossi S.p.A. of any defective products and the relative request for replacement is accepted within maximum 30 days from the date the product is delivered.

In order to return a product, the Returns form available here must first be completed

Once Malossi S.p.A. has approved the return and sent the relative communication, you can arrange for shipment to Malossi S.p.A. Via Roma, 118/i 40012 Calderara di Reno (BO).

All shipping and packaging costs for the replacement of goods shall be borne by the customer.

Note: Malossi S.p.A. recommends insuring the shipment insofar as the return journey is under the Customer’s total responsibility.

The successful reimbursement of the returned goods may be compromised if Malossi S.p.A.

- does not receive the goods,

- receives the goods NOT in perfect condition or damaged, broken,

The products shall be replaced once Malossi S.p.A. has received the goods as quickly as possible, and in any case within 30 days from the request for replacement.


Do the prices shown include VAT and shipping costs?

The prices always include VAT, but the shipping costs, and therefore the total amount due, are always indicated during Checkout.


How is security guaranteed with Credit Card payments?

To protect the security of your data, you will be asked to enter your CVN (Card Verification Number) when paying by credit card.

For Visa and Mastercard, the CVN corresponds to the 3 digits shown on the back, which appear after the credit card number.

We have entrusted our credit card payments to a primary national banking institution which guarantees all the necessary security measures. Credit card payments are not made on the Malossistore.com website, but redirected to the bank’s secure servers; you are then redirected back to the Malossistore.com website for confirmation once the payment procedure is complete.

What level of security/protection does your Website offer?

Malossi S.p.A., in developing Malossi Store, has implemented all the most modern prevention and safeguarding technologies on its website and host servers in order to protect your security and privacy. However, despite the use of security software, it is not possible to guarantee the absolute security of information and payments transmitted through the Web or via email. Moreover, in reiteration of the above, when making payment with electronic systems (credit/debit cards, PayPal or other), the user is redirected to the secure servers of the companies that manage said payments.

Malossi S.p.A. shall not be liable for any damage suffered as a consequence of the use of electronic communication means, including therein but not limited to, damage resulting from failures or delays in the transmission of electronic communications, the interception or manipulation of said communications by third parties or by programs used for electronic communications and the transmission of viruses.


What can I mount on my scooter?

By selecting your exact scooter model, you can find all the spare parts we recommend.

Where can I find the technical data of Malossi products?

You can find all technical data relating to our products directly by clicking on the description and assembly instructions of each product.

Where can I find the displacement of a Malossi kit?

You can find all technical data relating to our products directly by clicking on the description and assembly instructions of each product.

Does internal rotor ignition exclude the electrical system?


Can I purchase and mount only the controller for Aprilia Ditech?

The controller is supplied in a kit together with the cylinder kit with which it must strictly be mounted. It can also be purchased individually, but only as a spare part.

Do you service shock absorbers?

No, but if available, you can find a servicing kit among the shock absorber spare parts.

How much oil do I put in the Malossi fork?

This information can be found in the assembly instructions of the reference code.

I have lost the type-approval certificate of the Malossi exhaust system. What can I do?

You can print it directly from the assembly instructions of your exhaust system.

Can the lambda emulator controller (TC unit O2 controller) be combined with Force Master 2?


I have mounted one of your products but have not obtained the indicated results. What can I do?

Try sending an email to it@malossistore.com or complete the form in the “contact” area.

Which spark plug do I need to mount on my Malossi kit?

This information can be found in the kit assembly instructions.


What is supplied in the multivar?

The package includes all the components you see in the relative photo.

Are Malossi variators supplied complete with rollers?


Why are two series of rollers supplied in some multivars?

As indicated in the assembly instructions, the two series of rollers are needed

- either to vary the scooter’s gear ratio curve by perfectly adjusting the speed and pick-up

- or because the multivar can be mounted on two different vehicle displacements and the correct weight must be mounted.

How are the rollers mounted?

- The rollers do not have a mounting direction.

How does the Malossi variator improve performance?

The variator increases pick-up, not speed. With our variator, the scooter gains pick-up, linear shifting, greater mechanical “serenity” when riding at high speeds and constant performance not possible with the base version.

After how many km do I need to change the rollers?

If the variator is used for competitive purposes, the wear of the rollers and sliders needs to be checked every 1000-1500 km. If used on-road, the check can be made every 5000-6000 km

What happens if I increase or lighten the weight of the rollers?

Increasing the weight of the rollers will force the engine to work with a lower number of revs; in this case an engine is needed with maximum torque at low speed (pull down). Decreasing the weight of the rollers on the other hand, makes the engine work with a higher number of revs; this happens with engines with maximum torque at high speed (pull up).

What does the piston selection identify?

The selection identifies the right coupling between the piston and cylinder. You can find this letter on the piston crown or on the base of the cylinder. Zero indicates the smallest measurement and D the largest. Each letter increases the piston size by 1 hundredth of a millimetre. Each double letter (00-AA), instead, increases the piston size by 5 micron.

After how many km do I need to replace the Malossi toothed belt?

We recommend servicing the toothed belts in accordance with the recommendations of the vehicle manufacturer.