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sport aluminium cylinder ø 63 with pin ø 15 for vespa px 125 2t euro 0-1

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Technical features

Built from scratch, in high-strength aluminium alloy and cylinder sleeve with nickel-chromium coating. Consisting of an even thickness central core around the cylinder sleeve and the ports, a constant heat exchange is ensured, therefore, a controlled intake temperature of the gases in the chamber and an optimal heat exchange at the exhaust. It has aerodynamically profiled cooling fins around the core, designed to be penetrated with the best possible efficiency by the cooling air. The major innovation lies in the totally revamped and coated ports, introducing the latest CVF, upgraded thanks to experience gained from competitions. There are now 7 ports, a distinctive trait of Malossi kits, thank to which you can get the best fluid dynamic performance.
The connection to the silencer is made by means of a flange-joint set fixed to the cylinder through four cap screws and to the exhaust through an o-ring seal to avoid any leakage from the cylinder kit. This extremely easy system allows to fit with the maximum resistance any kind of exhaust with 37 mm inlet diameter present in the market, thus avoiding any unscrewing or rotation due to vehicle vibrations. The connection with the head is now done by means of a high-precision centring on the support surfaces obtained with numerically controlled machines. A basic set of gaskets of different thickness is supplied to allow the user to adjust the compression by adapting it to various uses.

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sport aluminium cylinder ø 63 with pin ø 15 for vespa px 125 2t euro 0-1

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