Who we are

Malossi company S.p.a. was founded in 1930 by Mr. Armando Malossi, born in Granarolo dell’Emilia on 5th April 1905 from a farmer family, the youngest of nine brothers.

Since he was a boy, Armando had a big interest in mechanics and engines and, in order to improve his knowledge, he began his working activity at first in engineering companies in Bologna and, later in Milan. In that town he worked in Caproni factory, an avant-garde company in aeronautical sector, and, after his return to Bologna, he began to work for F.lli Maserati, racing cars builders.

His strong and enterprising character pushed him to begin a business of his own as bike repairing and constructor artisan.

In 1946 his first son, Ugo Malossi, started to work in the company and in 1957 he took upon himself the General Management. Mr. Ugo Malossi himself carried into effect the turning point that changed completely the face of the company which , starting from that moment, passed from the simple repairing to the construction of special parts for motorcycles.

In 1958 Ugo Malossi founded Malossi company starting with the first of the 76 ranges of products which the company can boast today, that is carburettor accessories: air filters and up-graded intake manifolds to increase engine power.

In 1969 the second-born Sandro Malossi became the Marketing Manager of the company and he began to take care of the supervision of sporting events.

In 1986 Andrea and Alessandra Malossi, Ugo's children and founder's grandchildren , entered the Administration Council with responsibility tasks: Andrea took upon himself the Technical Management and Alessandra the Trading Management.

Malossi S.p.A. 

Via Roma, 118/I – 40012 Calderara di Reno (Bologna)  Italy

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